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Many women don't like the appearance of their physiques right after they've had several kids. A mommy makeover is a surgical treatment that will help to regain a mom's body to her pre maternity appearance. 

What Does This Surgery Involve?

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It may entail one or more procedures based upon a woman's needs. Procedures such as abdominoplasty, breast enhancement and liposuction are a few of the alternatives which depend upon whether she merely hopes to lessen stretchmarks or eliminate stored fats. She could have all of the procedures performed or pick and choose those which will most benefit her. 

Can I Pay Applying My Insurance?

Generally insurance will not cover cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless possibly if it's due to a back pain caused by excessively big breasts, then the breast operation may be paid for. Nonetheless, the determination of how much is paid for still rests on the insurance firm. 

Will There Be Scar Problems From the Surgical Treatment?

Any surgical procedure will leave scars. Doctors try to make these scars as little as can be. Tummy tucks are done low in the belly area in the bikini line spot. They are undetectable from sight when wearing a bathing suit and besides they lighten up as time passes. For breast operations, scars may appear in several varied places. They may be circular all around the areola then have a line down to the fold under the breast (this is typically termed as a lollipop scar). Or one along the breastfold according to the process performed.

How Much Time Will I Be Staying in the Hospital?

You won't remain in the hospital that long, just long enough for performing the surgery and resting for a while then you may go home. With respect to the extense of your surgery, your physician may suggest an overnight admission to closely check your progress.  

When Will I Completely Get Over a Mommy Makeover?

On Mrs. McAdam's web page she says, "Count one to four weeks for total recuperation. It depends on what types of procedures mom went through."

Will All Procedures Be Completed At the Same Time?

The duration of the surgical procedure depends upon the number of procedures to be carried out. It might be suggested to have the surgeries done in 2 to 3 sessions if they're that extensive.

Are There Any Sort of Surgical Perils I Need to Take into Consideration?

Problems just like infection, bleeding and fluid retention might come about as with any surgical procedure.  

If I Have Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Can I Still Go For The Surgical procedure?

If your high blood pressure and diabetes are well managed you may still be a good candidate for a successful operation. If they're not under control your medical doctor will discuss with you the benefits of putting off the surgical treatment.

I Quit Smoking Last Week, Can I Still Be Eligible For the Surgical Treatment?

It is recommended by doctors that individuals quit cigarette smoking for a minimum of 6 weeks if they want to have a mommy makeover surgery.

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